Why Do Dogs Sit On Your Feet? 5 Reasons for This Behavior

why do dogs sit on your feet

Does your pooch often sit on your feet? You might be wondering what could be the possible reason behind this common canine behavior. So, why do dogs sit on your feet? Well! Dogs sit on humans’ feet for many reasons, but the most common is that it is a way to communicate with their owners. Dogs will often sit on their owner’s feet to get their attention, be given a command, or be comforted. If you want to know the details, read the complete information below. 


The Interesting History of Dogs Sitting on Human Feet

Dog sitting close to owner feet


This behavior of dogs can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where it was thought that the god Osiris needed his feet washed. Dogs were used to help wash Osiris’ feet, and as a result, they were given the job of sitting on people’s feet as a sign of obedience. Over time, this tradition evolved and became more formalized. In medieval England, for example, a servant would place a dog on his or her master’s feet during a handshake. Today, this tradition is still observed in some parts of the world, such as China and Korea.


5 Reasons Why Do Dogs Sit On Your Feet


There are many reasons why your dog sits on your feet, but the most common reasons are given below:


1. Your Dog Wants to Remain Close to You


Dogs can stay close to their owners and keep an eye on what they are doing by perching on their feet. The dog may try to remain seated there to prevent you from leaving. One reason they do so is to prevent their owners from doing something quickly without them. So, they would like to be right at their owners’ feet so they can be ready to join them at the least motion.


If your dog is showing this behavior, he wants you to stay close to him. Your pet will feel safe and secure when he sees you by his side, just as you will feel at ease when your dog is by your side. He may feel insecure when you are not around. Some dogs with separation anxiety will do this to frequently check in on you. So, by allowing your dog to sit on your feet, you improve communication and the relationship between you and your dog.


2. Your Dog is Showing Submission or Affection 

Dog showing affection by sitting on feet


A dog sitting on its master’s feet may be proof of submission and obedience. It is a way for dogs to communicate with their owners. This way, they tell them that they are obedient and will be loyal to them for the rest of their lives. 


It is also possible that your dog finds this type of physical contact a means to express its love for you. By touching you, they are trying to be affectionate, just like how you might prefer to sit close to a friend or loved one. In short, your pooch sitting on your feet can also be a sign of devotion.


3. Your Dog is Scared


Dogs are easily frightened by loud noises, thunderstorms, and unfamiliar people. In such circumstances, they locate a secure hiding place. Whether it be the owners’ feet or a dim area of the room. When dogs feel safe and secure around certain humans, they frequently sit on their feet.


If your dog is feeling insecure or afraid, he’ll come to you and will perch on your feet. Especially if he doesn’t usually sit on your feet but starts doing so, take a moment to observe his body language. He may be excessively sweating or drooling. His tail might be tucked between his legs. He may get his head down or pull his ears back. If you notice any of these symptoms of tension or fear, try to calm your pet down.


4. You have Reinforced This Canine Behavior 


Some people enjoy petting their dogs while they sit on their feet. The dogs will realize right away that lying down or sitting on your feet will increase their chances of receiving your affection and attention. Next time, they’ll sit on your feet to be petted by you. All of it is the result of the positive reinforcement of the behavior. 


When your dog decides to sit on top of your feet, it’s obvious to look at or speak to them. But if you keep patting your pet unintentionally while they are on your feet, the likelihood that your dog will remain seated on your feet increases. It’s because your dog has noticed that when they sit on your feet, you pet them affectionately or rub their ears.


5. Your Dog Wants to Protect You


Dogs naturally gravitate toward their owners. They are usually really possessive of their human companions. Their strong ability to sense things makes them learn quickly if they are sad or happy. So, if you are feeling down, your dog will come and sit on your feet. It is his way of telling you, “Don’t worry dear! I’m here to cheer you up!” When they sit on your feet, they are providing you with physical and emotional support. 


Final Thoughts on Why Do Dogs Sit On Your Feet?


Dogs sit on their owners’ feet for a variety of reasons. Some dog behaviorists believe that it is a sign of submission or trust, while others believe that it is a way to keep their owners close. Other reasons may be your dog being afraid or protective of you. Regardless of why do dogs sit on your feet, it is a behavior that is deeply rooted in canine instinct and is something that both you and your dog enjoy.

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