14 Types of Bulldog Breeds and Their Personality Traits

Wrinkly face, a furrowed brow, small ears, loose skin, and a unique rolling gait! It is undoubtedly hard to resist a bulldog breeds with these adorable and versatile features. Overflowing with unique and endeavoring personalities, bulldogs are intensely loyal and affectionate towards their companions.

Upon hearing the word bulldog, the image of a typical masculine hefty dog with a broad wrinkled face comes into mind, but you might not know that bulldogs have many different breeds. All these bulldog breeds differ in color, temperament, looks, and history. Some species might look intimidating, but this could not be farther from the truth.


Bulldogs retain the bravery and vigilance that prevailed in these dogs because of their ancestry. They can be a great companion for children and, when properly socialized, they can bond with other pets as well. People love bullies as they make excellent companions and watchdogs. Let us learn about some of the bulldog breeds and their sweet disposition. Hopefully, this article will assist you in narrowing down your choices and deciding on a particular race.


1.      English Bulldog

Famous for its use in sports of bull-baiting, historical references suggest that these dogs originated in England before the 13th century. They have medium size and an average lifetime of 10 to 12 years. They have a sweet and gentle disposition, an outgoing nature, and a never-ending thirst for human attention and adventures. Due to their low endurance, they only need a moderate amount of exercise.


Personality Traits

Despite their fearsome appearance, English bulldogs are neither aggressive nor vicious. They are very gentle and friendly towards the family members and get along well with children and other pets. But before you entrust kids to them, make sure to supervise and train these dogs. Also, they are prone to various health problems, including cancer, heart failure, allergies, skin infections, and breathing difficulties


2.      American Bulldog

American bulldogs arrived in the United States in the early 1800s from overseas. Although they are broods of English bulldogs, they are larger and more robust than their ancestors. American bulldog breeds served as companions and watchdogs for farm work and livestock protection.


Personality Traits

The American bulldog enjoys a variety of activities such as running and fetching. They require regular exercise, proper attention, and training to avoid boredom and destructive behaviors. They are generally calm and gentle at home, but you should adequately train them before letting children play with them. Their stubbornness and dominant behaviors must be kept in check. Otherwise, they are most loving and loyal to their owners.


3.      French Bulldog

The French bulldog is one of the most popular small dog breeds with large bat ears and even disposition. Bred in England as a toy dog, they escorted English lace-makers to France, where they got the nickname “Frenchie.” Once, their job focused on being ratters, but now they make fabulous show dogs and family friends. They do not require regular or intensive outdoor exercise as it may cause serious health issues for them. Chasing balls and playing indoors is enough to meet their daily need for training.


Personality Traits

Because of the French’s vibrant and joyful personalities, people love them as companion dogs. As they were bred as family dogs, they can be easily trained and adapt to all kinds of environments. Make sure to take them to walk now and then. As Frenchie loves to play, give them all your attention to strengthen your bond with them.


4.      Boxer Bulldog

Unlike their relatives, the English and French bulldog, boxers make excellent working and guard dogs. They are descendants of American bulldogs who used to participate in dogfighting until it was banned. With their muscular and robust bodies, they give an intimidating and fearsome look. You can avoid their dominant nature with proper training and regular exercise.


Personality Traits

Boxers need about 2 hours of workouts per day to burn their calories. They are brilliant and quick learners with a pinch of stubbornness. Boxers are loyal and affectionate companions but avoid letting children play with them due to their hyperactive nature. Also, leaving them alone for extended periods may not be the best idea as they are prone to separation anxiety and start chewing whatever is in their mouth.


5.      Olde English Bulldog

The Olde English bulldog has many ancestors, including an old Mastiff or Alaunt of the 17th century, an American bulldog, an English bulldog, and the Pit Bull Terrier. The hybrid is a muscular and athletic dog with a calm temperament. The Olde English bulldogs are highly adaptable to all types of environments, whether hot or cold. They are full of stamina and strength but require moderate exercise.


Personality Traits

The Olde English bulldogs make fantastic working dogs and offer excellent companionship that can be your most incredible support in life. Despite their aggressive looks, they are lovely and compassionate towards their family members. Like many other bullies, Olde English has the temperament of an alpha-dog, so you must train and dominate them at an early age of life.


6.      Victorian Bulldog

The history of this bulldog breed dates back to the Victorian period. These are the broods of English bulldogs and resemble them closely. This breed is a mix of English bulldog, Bull Mastiff, Bull Terrier, and Staffordshire Terrier. Victorian bulldogs resemble closely to English bulldogs but are taller and more intelligent than their English cousins.


Personality Traits

As one of the most trustworthy dog breeds, they can be trusted with the children and other pets in the house. One of the most admirable traits is their utmost affection and emotional attachment to their family. Their calm personality makes it easy to train them and adapt to any surroundings. In the case of familiar individuals, they don’t possess an ounce of aggressiveness. Outsiders, on the other hand, should be wary and distant. They suffer from skin problems like allergies and infections.


7.      Serrano Bulldog

The Serrano is a stunning Brazilian working dog breed. Although its origin is doubted, Serrano is a descendant of dogs like Bullenbeisser and the old English bulldog, imported to southern Brazil in the 1800s. They are excellent guard dogs for home and herding cattle.


Personality Traits

Serrano is known for its loyalty and strong work ethic. For most of the part, they are very calm, gentle, and confident with familiar ones. They’re not too aggressive, but if someone provokes or threatens them, they will attack. Make sure you give them proper training and enough attention to avoid destructive temperament issues.


8.      Alano Español Bulldog

Alano Espanol is an Iranian-born race that was brought to Spain in the 5th century. They adapted well to the environment of Spain and soon became the most common companion dogs of Spanish explorers. Historically, they were bred as ratters, watchdogs, and hunters, but they became war dogs after their journey out to the west.


Personality Traits

Alano bulldogs are large, which makes them stubborn and rowdy. So proper training and social interactions are necessary to make them behave appropriately with strangers. Due to their outgoing and active nature needs exercise and playful activities to maintain a healthy body. As Alanos are very sociable, they are compatible with other pets and people.


9.      Catahoula Bulldog

As the name suggests, the Catahoula bulldog is a hybrid of an American and a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Each Catahoula bulldog gives a unique look with glossy coats, vivid eyes, and cropped button-type years. This bulldog breed has been popular in America’s southern states and Louisiana. For over 100 years, they were used as dogs for hunting and herding cattle.


Personality Traits

Catahoula bulldog is a beautiful companion dog with a highly positive attitude. They are known for their playful, agile, and protective nature. It is the reason they not only make fantastic family pets but also serve as guard dogs

To avoid developing destructive behaviors, they need regular exercise. They are highly affectionate with family members, but strangers must be cautious. Keep them out of reach to children, as they might unintentionally harm them. They are prone to conditions like deafness, blindness, hip dysplasia.


10.  Ca De Bou Bulldog

The name Ca De Bou translates to a bulldog in Spanish. This medium-sized bulldog breed is known for its masculine and sturdy large bodies with blocky heads. They were bred as top working dogs for bull-baiting and guarding. After world war 2, these dogs were on the verge of extinction, so they were crossbred with other Spanish bulldogs.


Personality Traits

They are excellent family companions and are brilliant watchdogs. They are fondly patient with children and other pets. Typically, they are calm and quiet but need extensive training; otherwise, it may become difficult to handle their dominant behavior. Having a high defensive alert for strangers, they might attack them if they sense any danger. Overall, they enjoy good health but may suffer from hip dysplasia or bloat.


11.  Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

According to their original breeder, “Papa Buck Lane,” Alapaha bulldogs were named Blueblood because they were thought to represent a noble breed. They have more significant and robust bodies than most bulldogs. They make excellent watchdogs and hunters due to their efficient work ethic and hardworking nature.


Personality Traits

Like many other bulldogs, Blueblood is affectionate towards the family but is defensive towards strangers. There highly possessive over their territory and require training to make them obedient and well mannered. They are tolerant towards kids, but it is best to start familiarising yourself with them from adolescence. Overall they are highly adaptable and loving members of a family. They might develop common ailments like hip dysplasia, blindness, deafness, and skin issues.


12.  Australian Bulldog

Not only the looks, but Australian bulldogs also share similar personality traits to English and Victorian boxer bulldogs. These bulldogs were bred in Australia circa 1998 to get a new variety of bulldog that could resist the harsh environment of Australia. They have small bodies with large limbs and fewer wrinkles. With their charming and spirited nature, they make exceedingly intelligent and fiercely loyal bulldogs.


Personality Traits

Australian Bulldogs are highly adaptable and match perfectly with the environment where they were bred. They are sweet and affectionate like English relatives and have athletic abilities that make the training easy. They are very loyal and devoted to their family member. If adequately trained, they can easily socialize with children and strangers.


13.  Continental Bulldog

In the mid-2000s, the famous Swiss breeder Imelda Angehrn crossbred Olde English Bulldog with the English bulldog to produce a new variety that could resist common ailments of bulldogs like skin and breathing issues. The results had a more agile and healthier bulldog we now call Continental or Conti.


Personality Traits

Conti is a highly active bulldog breed thus requires regular exercise to keep them fit. They are confident, intelligent, and compassionate towards human emotions. To improve their productive behavior, they need proper attention and training. Their temperament is moderate, not too aggressive, nor too silly. Overall, they make excellent pets that you will undoubtedly love to accompany.


14.  Valley Bulldog

Valley is a bully hybrid of English Bulldog and a Boxer. They are thought to have existed without a deliberated crossbreeding, but their breeding started with the intent on-demand as the most fun-loving and well-tempered dogs.


Personality Traits

Valley is one of the friendliest and fun-loving breeds of bulldogs. For their mild temperament, basic training and regular socialization are enough. They love to travel and adventure, always curious, seeking attention, and wanting to play. With their silly mischiefs and cheerful nature, they can brighten up your mood in a way that no other thing would do.


Final Thoughts

The bulldog breeds discussed in this article share many similar traits, yet each bulldog is unique in its way. Although many bulldogs possessed aggressive nature in the past, it is hard to picture them as intimidating today. These sweet, intelligent, and kind dogs make our life vibrant and full of fun. With no shortage of diversity in bullies from large to small, impassive to silly, and lazy to motivated, you can hardly find one that stands out above the rest.

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