Doberman Color Chart: Rarest to Most Common

Doberman Color Chart

If you want to have a pet with you that is alert, active, intelligent, and loyal as well. Then Doberman is the best option. The Doberman Pinscher is known for its great level of intellect. It is a muscular dog with a strong physique. When you search for the world’s best dogs used to guard the Doberman appears to be at the top of the list. Because Dobermans have always been courageous and watchful. Dobermans are robust, swift, and decisive dogs that stand between 24 and 28 inches at the shoulder. The body is sleek but robust.


Dobermans have established a reputation as canine royalty due to their exquisite characteristics, noble wedge-shaped head, and effortless, athletic movement. There are a variety of Doberman and a variety of colors as well. You will see the transition from the black Doberman to the blue Doberman and so on. In this blog, we will deeply explore the color variations in Dobermans.


How Many Colored Dobermans Exist?


Many people get confused on this question that actually how many colors of Dobermans exist. Because of the variety of colors, people do not get to know the exact number of colors. So today we will let you know with surety that there are a total of seven colors.


Genetic Influence Behind the Colour Variety of Doberman


It is all the game of genes that make the appearance different. And only God can do these changes that are beyond the eye level. In human beings, there are two genes for each character. The one that is dominant expresses itself and recessive stays there unexpressed. Similarly, in dogs, there is variety as well. In Dobermans, there are two genes for color expression. One gene is totally for the black color while the other one influences change in the color. Along with color, there are markings as well on the Dobermans. Mostly the markings are brown or rusty in color. And some have white chest markings.


The Prevalence of Different Colors in The Dobermans


1. Black Coat with Rusty Markings: The Most Prevalent One


The most often seen color in the Dobermans is black color with rusty markings. Dobermans that are seen in movies or TV shows are mostly of this color. That is why the majority of the people are familiar with black Dobermans. As we know black color absorbs more heat. So these dogs can not tolerate hot environments. 


2. Red Coat with Rust Markings: The Second in Prevalence


Another beautiful color that you can see mostly after black, is red. It varies between a light copper tone to a dark chocolate color. Sometimes these red Dobermans are called chocolate Dobermans because of their chocolate shade. These Red Dobermans are more prone to skin problems due to their sensitive skin. But able to withstand hot temperatures.


3. Blue Dobermans: The Third in Prevalence


Blue Dobermans are less frequently found than black or red Dobermans. The blue Doberman is another version of the black with variation. Blue Dobermans are sometimes called gray Dobermans or silver Dobermans, depending on whether the gray is charcoal gray, silver, or purple in color.


4. Fawn Coat: The Fourth in Prevalence


Dobermans that are fawn or Isabella in color are much less common than those that are red and rust or black and rust, and some experts believe that this color is the less frequently seen among all the Doberman shades. There is a gene known as Melanophin, that is responsible for the fawn-coloured coat of these Dobermans. 


5. White Dobermans: The Fifth in Prevalence


The pigmentation gives the color to the coat. And if pigments are absent then the coat appears to be white. This white varies from pure white to cream-coloured. These white Dobermans have pink noses and pink lips. 


The first white Doberman seen in this world was the offspring of two black and rust parents. 


6. Albino Dobrmans: The Sixth in Prevalence


Mostly there is always confusion between the albino and the white Dobermans. So we will let you know how to distinguish these two. Albino Dobermans have pink eyes or are sometimes colorless. But full albinos do not exist in reality, they only exist theoretically. 


7. All Black Coat: The Rarest One


Some say that the blue Doberman is the rarest one. But mostly it is claimed that true black Doberman is the rarest of all. It does not have rust markings or white patches on it. This unusual color is due to a genetic mutation. It is also said that these black Dobermans are not good for breeding purposes. Moreover, these black ones are not taken to shows as well if compared to the other colored ones. Some of the research say that they are prone to many health issues but some say they don’t. 


Final Thoughts on the Doberman Color Chart


In conclusion, the Doberman breed has been known to be an alert, active, intelligent, and loyal kind of dog. They have a variety of kinds and colors. 


There’s a color for any dog lover’s preference, from the classic black with rusty markings to the magnificent red variants and the interesting blue and fawn Dobermans. The white-coated Dobermans have unique characteristics and different genetic makeup. They totally lack pigmentation and they have blue eyes. All black Dobermans who are the rarest ones, lack any type of markings or patches. And breeders avoid breeding the black ones. The Blue Doberman is in between. Because blue Dobermans are not the rarest ones nor the most prevalent ones.


The Dobermans with different colors also differ in characteristics. The black with rusty markings has the issue of heat tolerance but the red Dobermans with rust markings do not have this issue. Everybody has their own choice. Some change their preference according to the color but some change their preference according to their characteristics. So it is up to you which Doberman you love to have.


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