Tips on Dog Training: 10 Basic Commands for Your Dog

Dog training

Having a new dog at home brings a roller coaster of emotions, especially for the first few weeks. This great addition to your family makes you overwhelmed and super excited. But, at times, your fellow drives you crazy with his mismanaged behaviors. Dog training at home presents a lot of challenges for new pet owners.


Do you want to house-train the dog professionally but do not have the resources? Do not worry at all! This article will prevent you from being left at the end of your leash and bring your dog on track. Here are tips on dog training at home to make your dog follow these ten basic commands.


Before getting started, keep the following tips in mind while training the dog at home:

  • Let him socialize with other dogs in your community. It helps him learn quickly.
  • Patience is the key to success. Dog training may take a long time, be consistent and patient.
  • Dog training is not to control your buddy but to communicate with him.
  • Do not stare down at your dog or get physical.
  • Practice each command 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes.


1. No/Leave it

To prevent the dog from doing something or playing with:

  • Hold a treat in your hand.
  • When he is about to take it, say “No” and close your fist.
  • Keep the fist closed until he goes away.
  • Then call him and reward him with your other hand.
  • While doing so, keep your other fist closed.
  • Use appropriate gestures and firm eye contact to command.


2. Come

To make the dog come towards you:

  • Put a leash on the dog.
  • Take a few steps back and start pulling the leash gently.
  • Then command “Come”.
  • If he comes toward you, reward him.


3. Sit

To Teach him manners and obedience:

  • Make him look upward by holding a treat over his head.
  • Make him jump by keeping the treat in his reach.
  • But do not give it and repeat “Sit”.
  • After trying many times, he would sit back while keeping his eyes on the treat.
  • Say “Yes!” when he sits down, and give him a reward.


4. Stay

Make the dog wait at a place:

  • Ask your dog to sit down and command “Stay”.
  • Now take quick steps backward and forward in front of him.
  • If he maintains his position, say “Yes” and give a treat.
  • Repeat the process with a gradual increase in the number of steps.


5. Do Not Bite

To avoid scars and injuries while playing:

  • Consistently react “No!” in a very firm voice.
  • Cry and stop playing with your puppy.
  • Start the fun game by walking away and ignoring him.
  • Use a taste deterrent on your hands before starting playing.
  • Redirect him to chew toys.


6. Do Not Bark

To prevent the dog from unnecessary barking:

  • Use the words “No” or “Stop” by looking firmly.
  • Obstruct your dog’s view of the outside and remove it gradually weeks by weeks.
  • Do not appreciate their barking by “barking” yourself.
  • Use treat-dispensing toys for attention seekers.
  • Desensitized him by giving rewards and distract him whenever he barks at something.
  • Alleviate his boredom by a walk or play.


7. Walk on Leash

Teach the dog to walk with the leash while walking outside:

  • Introduce him to the collar or leash and make him comfortable.
  • Distract your dog while putting on the collar and let him play with it.
  • Start practicing in the house and give him treats while putting on the leash.
  • Take 2-3 steps back, call him and give rewards.
  • Take him outside.
  • If he starts pulling, call him as you move away.
  • Reward him with a treat if he follows you.


8. Poop Outside

To avoid mess and filth in the home:

  • Keep fixed feeding schedules.
  • Take him outside after feeding or exercise.
  • Take him on a particular toilet spot and use specific commands.
  • Reward him every time they poop outside at that place.
  • Remove his leftover food or water, specifically at night.


9. Drop it

To make them leave something:

  • Take two toys and hold them in front of the dog.
  • Give one to him.
  • Now drop one of the toys and command “Drop it” while maintaining eye contact.
  • Reward your dog when he drops the object.


10. Go To Bed

To make a particular sleeping or sitting spot for him:

  • Present a bed, pet throw, or blanket to your dog with excitement.
  • Place a toy or treat on the pet throw.
  • Make him sit on the bed by giving the command, “Sit” or “Down”.
  • When he sits, say “Yes!” and reward him.

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