Traveling With A Dog: What To Pack In A Dog Travel Bag

Dog travel bag

According to APPA (American Pet Product Association), 37% of animal owners travel with their pets annually. Dogs make 58% of worldwide pet travel. They are the most popular traveling- companion. Traveling with a dog is just like traveling with an infant so you might want to grab a separate dog travel bag for your fur buddy, as you will be packing a lot more than you think.


Grabbing a few dog-travel essentials before hitting the road will make your trip more enjoyable for you and your furry partner. Whether you are hitting the trails, going camping, or going abroad for a vacation make sure your pet needs are satisfied. Here is a list of items necessary to pack when you are traveling with your dog.


Dog Feed And Water:

You don’t want your dog to be hungry and dehydrated during the trip. Pack kibble (dry food) for your travel as it is easy to carry and store. Make sure you pack enough quantity so you don’t run out midway and also pack some treats as well. Treats will help your dog to behave better and settle down. If your dog gets stressed, treats will help your dog to calm down. Water is a must-have, packed enough to last through the trip. Keep dry food and water separate so that your dog food doesn’t get moist and soggy.


Harness And Leash:

You don’t know when the unthinkable happens and your dog gets lost. A leash is one of the most crucial items to pack in your dog’s travel bag. You may pack an extra one too as you never know when a leash gets lost or broken. It’s better to be prepared than being sorry. Ensure your dog has a tag that contains all your contact details. If your dog gets lost in the new land this tag might be the only chance of finding him. Try to keep your dog on a leash throughout the trip for safe and secure travel.


Medical Records:

Bring your dog’s medical records with you. Be prepared for travel sickness. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, if you happen to see the vet, you should have your dog’s previous medical records. Before leaving, get a check-up of your pet, discuss with your veterinarian about your pet’s health condition and ask if he can travel or not. Medical records are especially important if you are traveling to a foreign land. Even if you are traveling within the borders it’s better to have your pet health history with you.


Dog Toys:

Add some dog’s favorite toys to your dog travel bag. If your dog gets bored or too excited during the trip toys will help him to relaxed and lose some energy. Your dog will feel less anxious and more like home when surrounded by their favorite toys. Chewable and puzzles are also a good way to divert your dog’s attention and give him something to concentrate on during the trip. Try to pack a lot of balls, squeaky toys, and stuffed animals for your pet.


Dog Bathing Supplies:

Dogs can be messy. These furry balls melt our hearts but also cause a ton of clutter. It’s impossible to clean your dog without the right supplies; therefore, it’s important to pack a bunch of cleaning supplies in your dog’s travel bag. Grooming tools and dog shampoo are necessary. If your trip is long then your car may end up having a dog scent, a shower is a good way to get rid of that. Also, put flea and ticks comb in your dog travel bag if you are going hiking as you don’t know when these nasty monsters appear.


Dog Hygiene Wipes and Towels:

What if your dog ends -up rolling into something filthy, but you can’t shower him. Dog hygiene wipes come in handy in such situations. Dog wipes and wet towels serve as instant cleaners when a shower is unavailable. Wipes can also help in cleaning nose prints and licks from a car’s window. If you run out of wipes it would be nice to have some reusable towels. Towels would also be useful if your feline companion ends up getting wet on the beach.



It’s nice to have your own space when you are outdoors. Every dog is unique, many dogs like people’s attention while others like to have their own space. If your dog is sensitive and doesn’t like to interact with new people a kennel would be a great traveling partner. Moreover, if you are using public transport during your vacation, the kennel would help your dog to stay safe and not to be excessively touched and pushed by randoms. Dogs may become stressed by uninvited petting and kissing. You may not know how to say no to these affections; therefore, a kennel is the best way to get rid of these problems.


First aid:

Prepare an emergency kit in case of minor casualties. If you are going hiking or camping with your dog you may get splinters while fetching through the brushes. So, prepare a container of basic supplies like pet bandages, tweezers, gauze, tapes, antiseptic wipes, and styptic powder. Toenail bleeding, bruises, rashes, and scratches are expected on the trip so don’t panic just open your first aid kit if such scenarios come into action. Double-check your first aid kit before leaving as these supplies may end up saving your pet’s life.


Pet’s Passport:

If you are willing to travel internationally with your little buddy you will require either an EU pet passport or some other paperwork (like a rabies vaccination certificate). Different countries have different requirements. Preparing a pet passport may take one day to 4 months depending on the country’s requirements. It will take less time if you are traveling from the EU or other listed countries as it will require your pet to only get a microchip and rabies vaccination. However, if you are traveling from an unlisted country it may take up to four months to get the passport as they will require you to take a rabies titer test which takes longer.


These nine items are a must-have have in your dog travel bag. A checklist will be a good way to remember things. The things in your dog travel can vary depending on your medium of travel. Every dog has different needs so may want to put some extra things according to your dog’s necessities. Traveling with the right things in your dog travel bag may save you from a stressful trip and unnecessary stops. Our packing list and tiny tips and tricks will help you to have the best vacation.

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