Top 10 Cutest Small Dog Breeds in the World

small dog breeds

“Awwww!” is the very first reaction when we see a cute small dog with super soft fur. But why do small dog breeds attract us more than the larger ones? Well, it is our nurturing instinct that drives us all towards juvenile features like big eyes, tiny footsteps, and recessed chins. Our natural reaction is to get overwhelmed by the desire to cuddle the small buddy when it takes cute steps towards you with a pout. OH, man! That cuteness makes an imprint in your brain forever. Let us have a look at the top ten cutest small dog breeds in the world.

Pekingese – The Toy Dog


With 6-9 inches in height and 14-pounds weight, these companion small dog breeds have adorable features. They have sparkly eyes, long silky fur, and a rolling gait that makes you roll on the floor in awe. Beware! This cute dog breed is as royal as the palaces where imperials bred it, so avoid horseplay; they might get hurt.

Shih Tzu –The Tibetan Lion Dog


These well-groomed, Chrysanthemum dogs are one of the cutest small dog breeds. The spark of their big dark eyes, long, thick coats, and a slight pout makes your day. You could hardly take your eyes off these cuties. Weighing 9-16 pounds with a 7-11 inches height, this cute dog is known for its loyalty, outgoing nature, affection, and obedience.

Toy Poodle – The Sleeves


Poodles have three types; standard, miniature, and toy. Toy poodles are the smallest of all. Their thick, curly, and wiry fur gives them the look of a toy. Within a height of 10 inches and weight of 6-9 pounds, there lies a spring athlete, seventh in ranking in intelligence by AKC. This cute small dog breed is the perfect package of affection and charm.

Havanese – The Socialists


Take heed! That small cute face, super silky long fur, and those black gleam eyes are ready to melt you like ice. This small dog breed weighing only  7-13 pounds, not more than 8.5-11.5 inches, is prepared to sit in your lap, acting adorable and driving all your attention towards itself. They lie in the top tier of cute small dogs with sturdy bodies, adaptable nature, and excellent social skills.

Maltese – The Show Stopper


Get ready for distraction! Maltese is here to drive your all attention towards its floor-length coat. This cute small dog breed is worth this mention due to its adorable and graceful features. They weigh 7 pounds and height of 7-9 inches. Its sturdy body with smooth gait makes it non more petite than a dog walk model. Being highly adaptable, Maltese brings charm and mischief wherever they come.

Bichon Frise – The Trickster


At first glance, you might view it as a toy made of white cotton curls. But as soon as it blinks its dark, sparkling eyes, you want to snuggle and cuddle this charming wonder. Bichon is one of the cutest small dog breeds in the world.  They reach a height of no more than 11.5 inches and weigh in between 12-18 pounds. They have playful and amusing nature.

Yorkshire – The Amusing Companion


These are the most miniature dogs of breeds’ terrier. Its floor-length coat, with steel-blue and golden brown shades, gives them a cute royal look. Hold your breath! Its lovely gait with small effortless steps would brighten up your day. It weighs only 7 pounds with a height of 7-8 inches. Yorkies are small dog breed with unique playful and socializing nature.

Pomeranian – The Small Spitz Dog


Pomeranian, with fox-like features, is one of the cutest small dog breeds in the world. They have a tiny fluffy body with tick fur mostly wrapping the neck. People know them for their integrity and charming smiley faces. They weigh approximately 3-7 pounds and have a height of 6-7 inches. They are skillful and exceptional companions.

Löwchen – The Little Lion


This cute little wonder weighs just 15 pounds with no larger body than 12-14 inches. They are the attractive small dog breeds with the liveliest and warm nature, with sturdy bodies and a graceful gait. They are best for those who are allergic because they rarely shed fur.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – The Elegant


Here comes the King, everyone’s favorite, a complete package of grace, charm, and affection for human beings. They are the most lovable small dog breeds. This tiny wonder is no larger than 12-13 inches and weighs only 13-18 pounds. They tend to be delightful and play many tricks around you. Nobody could resist its beauty and cuteness.

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