Dog Temperature Chart: Normal Range, Fever And More

Dog temperature chart

Have you ever had random thoughts while patting your dog about whether his temperature is normal or not? Well, many pet owners often have such thoughts. A dog’s temperature range is very different from that of a human being. This is the reason that humans can’t find out if their pup’s temperature is normal or […]

Dog Eye Colors Chart: Dogs Eye Colors Explained

Dog eye color chart

You’ve probably seen a few dogs with unusually colorful eyes. But have you ever wondered why some dogs have blue eyes while others have brown ones? Or why do some dogs have two different colors of eyes?   Well, it turns out that the color of a dog’s eye can say a lot about its […]

Dog Urine Color Chart: Dog Urine Color Meaning

Dog urine color

All metabolic waste and toxins are eliminated from a dog’s body through its urinary system. A healthy urinary tract, therefore, reflects a healthy dog. Your dog’s pee color can reveal significant details about the health of his urinary system. An unnatural urine color indicates abnormal levels of water and minerals in the body. It may […]

Dog Earwax Color Chart: What Different Colors Mean?

vet checking dog earwax color

Earwax is the natural secretion from the outer ear canal of dogs. It is composed of several components, such as cholesterol, glycerol, fatty acids, enzymes, and more. Mostly, dog earwax consists of dead skin cells and sebaceous secretions along with semiochemicals. Yes, you read it right – semiochemicals, are the chemicals that attract insects and microorganisms. […]

Dog Tongue Color Chart: Tongue Color Meaning

Dog showing his tongue

Your dog’s tongue probably catches your attention numerous times a day. You may notice it when he licks your face to show his love. A dog also licks his paws and coat and grooms himself with his tongue. But have you ever observed the color of his tongue? If so, have you ever wondered what […]

Valley Fever in Dogs: What You Need to Know

Veterinarian checking dog valley fever

  You’ve undoubtedly heard of dog valley fever, but do you know what it is? It’s a common respiratory disease in the southwestern United States. Each year, thousands of humans and pets are affected by it. Dogs usually recover from this disease. In rare cases, the infection is high enough to cause a life-threatening condition […]

Dog Tail Position Chart: Dog Tail Position Meanings

Dog tail position curled up

Dogs have been domesticated for so long that humans have discovered ways to socialize with them. One such way is to understand them through their body language. If you pay a little more attention to your dog’s gestures, you may be able to communicate with him better. Just like dogs talk with their ears, they […]

Unhealthy Dog Poop Chart: The 4 Cs of Dog Poop

Dog doing poop outside

As a pet parent, dealing with your dog’s poop may seem gross. But a healthy poop means a healthy dog. A healthy dog poop chart demonstrates the ideal color, consistency, and content of the poop. Understanding it is essential to determine whether your dog is experiencing any health issues.   The four Cs of dog […]

Dog Dental Chart: 4 Types of Dog Teeth and Their Purpose

Happy dog showing his teeth

You’ve always seen your dog with an open mouth. You probably notice his teeth every day, but have you ever wondered if all these teeth are the same or different?    There are two sets of teeth in a dog: 28 deciduous or milk teeth and 14 permanent teeth. By the time puppies are six […]

Dog Ear Positions Chart: Dog Ear Position Meanings

Dog with big ears

It’s challenging to have a conversation with a dog. When you call him, he might listen to you and respond, but you might not understand what he’s trying to say. Therefore, the most approachable way to communicate with your furry friend is to understand his body language. And a dog’s ears speak louder than its […]