How to Get Rid of Puppy and Dog Hiccups

From puppyhood to adulthood, dogs get hiccups quite often, just like us. While they may seem adorable and cute, continuous and frequent hiccups require urgent attention. It is unthinkable, especially for a new pet parent, to just sit back and enjoy while your dog hiccups like no tomorrow. So, you might think about how to […]

Natural Remedies for Dog Worms

Vegetables for dogs

A pet parent’s worst nightmare is the ill health of his buddy.  We all know that this illness takes a worse turn if your pet gets infested with worms.  Dog worms’ infection is a common but life-threatening issue if left untreated.   Dog owners take their infested pet to the vet for deworming treatment as […]

Dog Health Problems: Common Conditions by Breed, Size, Age

As our fellow cannot tell us about their pain or suffering, their illness might go unnoticed until it takes a turn for the worse. The types of dog health problems that your buddy may suffer in his lifetime are the last thing you want to think about. But educating yourself about the common diseases that […]

How To Remove Plaque From Your Dog’s Teeth


Dogs occupy a special place in our hearts and we can’t see these little ones suffer due to bad dental care. Dental care is an important aspect of a dog’s health. Clean and white teeth with fresh breath are the sign of a healthy dog. Studies show that 85% of dogs over three years of […]