Dog Temperature Chart: Normal Range, Fever And More

Dog temperature chart

Have you ever had random thoughts while patting your dog about whether his temperature is normal or not? Well, many pet owners often have such thoughts. A dog’s temperature range is very different from that of a human being. This is the reason that humans can’t find out if their pup’s temperature is normal or whether he needs a check-up. 


So, in order to take better care of your dog, you need to see our dog temperature chart given below. This will help you to be a better judge of your canine friend’s health. Moreover, you can only decide whether to take him to the vet or not if you know whether his temperature is too cold or too high. You can only do this if you know how to check the temperature properly. In this article, you will learn a lot about canine temperature and how to check it. 


Dog Temperature Chart 


This dog temperature chart will let you know if your dog’s condition is good or if there are any chances of him suffering from a fever or cold.


Temperature In Fahrenheit °F 

Temperature In Celsius °C 











Lower than 99°

Lower than 37°


Lower than 82°

Lower than 28°

Severe hypothermia 

Higher than 103°

Higher than 39°



Normal Temperature Range 


The average temperature range of dogs is 101° Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). One or two degrees higher or lower than this temperature is also considered normal and won’t harm your dog in any way. The normal and accepted range of temperature for your dog is between 99°F and 103°F. Or we can also say that it is between 37°C and 39°C. Any temperature in this range is totally normal and healthy for a mature dog. 


High Temperature


A temperature higher than 103°F or 39°C is considered to be a high temperature that is not so safe for your fluffy friend. It is usually a sign of fever, which may be an indication of some other disease. If your dog’s temperature is higher than 103°F, then call your vet without any second thought. 


When a dog’s temperature gets high, he will immediately start panting and breathing noisily. As panting involves the respiratory system, he may also face trouble breathing. If he feels way too overheated, he will start vomiting, and sudden death can also occur due to cardiac arrhythmia. 


Low Temperature


A temperature lower than 99°F or 37°C is not average. Low temperatures are also risky and not healthy for your pup, as moderation is the key. A dog with a temperature lower than 99°F is said to be suffering from hypothermia. And if the temperature is lower than 82°F or 28°C, then hypothermia is really severe. If the temperature goes to this low level, take your pet to the vet as soon as possible. 


In hypothermia, there is an increased rate of heartbeat and blood pressure. And after that, the heartbeat decelerates and the blood pressure also gets slower. His pupils will get dilated, his responses will get slow and he will not be able to concentrate. He will shiver continuously, and his muscles will also get stiff. 


Note: An abnormal temperature may also indicate that your dog is stressed or depressed.


How to Check Temperature?


You can decide whether a dog’s temperature is low or high only if you are confident about your skills in measuring the temperature. If you are a pet owner and don’t know how to check your pup’s temperature, then don’t worry as you can easily do it by yourself. 


First of all, lubricate the end of the thermometer with petroleum jelly or any other product. Move your dog’s tail upward and gently put the thermometer in his rectum to a maximum of an inch. Wait for a few seconds, clean the thermometer, and note the temperature.


How to Maintain Temperature? 


If you are in a situation where you can’t take your pet to the vet or your vet is unable to come, then you can’t just sit idle. You should take the following measures to make sure your dog is out of danger.


When Temperature is Low?


If your pup’s temperature is a little lower than the average temperature, then it can be fixed by wrapping a warm blanket around him. Or making him wear a warm dog jacket. If his hair is wet, dry him with a hair dryer set to low. If he is suffering from severe hypothermia, then warm IV fluids can help.


When Temperature is High?


If your dog’s temperature is high, take him somewhere cooler or pat him with a wet towel. You may give him a cold bath if he is into it. If he doesn’t want a shower, then give him his favorite refreshing and cool drink or a treat. Spray cool water on him so he feels refreshed but doesn’t get wet. If the temperature is way too high to reach dangerous levels, then you can also use IV fluids.


Final Thoughts on Dog Temperature Chart


According to our dog temperature chart, the normal temperature range is between 99°F and 103°F. A temperature lower than 82°F or 28°C, indicates severe hypothermia. Similarly, a temperature higher than 39°C indicates canine fever. A low or high temperature may also be an indication of some other disease. In any case, if you find your dog’s temperature to be abnormal on examination, take him to the vet immediately.

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